HOW a works:

Set up the Competition Determines the date, title of competition, cost of participation fees, categories, no of judges, prize pool, conditions of the competition;
Provides material for corporate image;
Provide payment details for proforma invoices for registrations of videos;
Programs the competition into our system and provides a page in the organizers corporate image to organizer for registrations.
Provides registration and a video upload platform.
Provides 30 days server storage of videos;
Collect registrations Advertises competition.
Contact dancers to motivate them to enter competition; Distributes the link for registration to all their members;
Answer questions as needed;
Manage all costumer service and technical support;
Technical support via email during registration period;
Guide dance studios to create their profile and upload video material;
After registration deadline Forward all competition info to registered dancer start- list;
Preparation of competition schedule;
Provides a live stream connection;
Arrangement with MC and chairperson or responsible person of running competition;
Provides payment details for proforma invoice for paying platform rent and extra costs if applied;
Preparation of random start list and preparation of Competition schedule if needed (extra cost may apply);
Calculating length of competition;
After organizers confirmation, publishing of the competition schedule and Start list.
1h free of charge educational seminar on how to use the platform for the administrator, chairperson and/or moderator;
Providing proforma invoices to registered dance schools/ members;
Judge Entries Arrangement with judges; 1h free of charge educational seminar on how to use the platform for the judges;
Sending log in details and information for competitions;
During the competition Providing account and connection of profile for livestream;
Providing MC and responsible person for competition or hiring our MC and supervisor (extra costs may apply);
Technical support – contact person at the costumer support during competition;
Live stream of competition with OBS through your FB account – you have to provide us account and connection to profile.
Placement of your logo, your adds during competition;
Creating result list after each round;
After competition Promote winners and competition;
Share results;
Payment of fees for all competition officials (judges, chairperson, MC).
Printable diplomas and result lists for all competitors sent to dance schools/members via email after competition;
30 days server storage of videos if needed;